Relicell launches battery model

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Indian battery manufacturer Relicell has launched a gel-based maintenance-free battery suited for storage of solar energy and for home use.

The company has stated that the battery is designed to cope with Indian weather conditions, lasts twice as long as regular batteries, performs efficiently in high and low temperatures, requires no maintenance and is designed to function consistently even when not fully charged and the power supply is erratic.

The lead-calcium-tin-silver alloy based battery is corrosion resistant and does not suffer premature capacity loss and depolarization owing to a micro porous synthetic separator.

The statement adds that the addition of phosphoric acid to the electrolyte helps improve the life cycle of the battery. The use of gel-based electrolyte makes the battery easy for transport or courier without the risk of acid spills or fumes.

Relicell’s new batteries are available in 12V, 35 Ah and 12V, 200 Ah models designed to meet international specifications. The batteries are priced about Rs 5000, and with warranty of 3 to 5 years.

Currently Relicell batteries come in three three variants: Solar Gel for solar applications, Ultra Gel for home inverters and deep cycle UPS applications.

The company also plans to offer its gel batteries customized for electric vehicles such as e-rickshaws, scooters and golf carts.

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