ReneSola’s 300 W multicrystalline solar module passes TUV SUD’s PID test

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ReneSola's 300 W multicrystalline solar module passes TUV SUD's PID test

Greentech Lead China: ReneSola, a global manufacturer of
solar photovoltaic (PV) modules and wafers, announced its 300 W
multicrystalline solar module has passed the potential-induced degradation
(PID) test performed by TUV SUD, a leading provider of testing, inspection and
certification solutions.

The PID test was conducted by TUV SUD to assess loss of
power output of solar modules under severe conditions of high voltage, high
temperature and high humidity.

ReneSola’s 300 W multicrystalline solar module was exposed
to 1,000 volts of bias voltage at a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius and a
relative humidity of 85 percent for 96 consecutive hours. During the test,
ReneSola’s maximum degradation of power output was 1.34 percent, significantly
below the maximum allowable power output degradation of 5 percent.

“The fact that our high-wattage 300 W poly module
passed TUV SUD’s PID test by such a large margin underscores its value
proposition. Solar developers not only get more power per square foot with this
module, but also a long life cycle with minimal degradation and reliable power
output,” said Xianshou Li, ReneSola’s chief executive officer.

“PID is an important purchasing factor for solar
developers, particularly if the modules are to be used in areas of high humidity
and high temperatures. Our TUV SUD test result should reassure customers of the
reliability of our solar modules and demonstrate our commitment to producing
high-quality solar products,” Li added.

ReneSola recently announced its entry to Indian market.
The solar PV maker also targets other South Asian markets as well as other
emerging markets like South Africa.

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