Robert Schaffer is first green dentist of San Diego

Robert Schaffer, DDS, has been acknowledged as San Diego’s first certified green dentist.

By engaging in green dental practices, Schaffer has assured that his office executes all methods to reduce waste and save energy.

Schaffer has tried all possible ways to reduce waste in his dental practice. He prefers digital X-rays as they reduce patient radiation exposure by 80 percent and also cut back on waste from X-ray films.

Schaffer also utilizes composite or tooth-colored fillings to repair cavities that eliminate use of metals like mercury as fillings.

He does not encourage mercury containing fillings as 50 percent of mercury content in waste water comes from dental clinics, according to Environmental Protection Agency.

The Schaffer Dental Excellence office implies energy-efficient lighting and water-saving appliances. In addition, many aspects in the office are earth-friendly.

According to the Eco-Dentistry Association, each year dental practices across America generate waste that include 28 million liters of toxic X-ray fixer, 3.7 tons of mercury waste and 680 million chair barriers, light handle covers and patient bibs.

The mission as a dentist is to contribute to the community, by considering the patients’ dental health as well as by conserving the San Diego environment, explained, Schaffer.

Schaffer admits that taking effective steps for a greener office and being accredited with a certificate proves his commitment to the environment, protecting his patients from radiation and creating a healthier environment.

As a father and dentist, a mark has to be left, but not a carbon footprint. The practice will continue to explore the latest technologies as well as seek opportunities to reduce waste and enhance green practices, commented, Schaffer.

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