SCS validates Anthrotect Colombian carbon offset project

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SCS validates Anthrotect Colombian carbon offset project

By Greentech Lead Team: Scientific Certification Systems
(SCS), a provider in independent certification and verification of
environmental and sustainability, has validated Anthrotect’s Choco-Darien
Corridor carbon offset project to the Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB)
Project Design Standards.

The project, located in northwestern Colombia near the
Panama border, was awarded CCB Gold Level status for its exceptional social and
environmental benefits such as measures for adapting to climate change,
empowering globally poorer communities, and conserving one of the world’s most
unique ecosystems.

The Choco-Darien Conservation Corridor is home to over
400 species of birds and endangered mammals including pumas, jaguars, tapirs
and spectacled bears. The project will prevent the emission of over 2.3 million
tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by protecting over 13,500 hectares
of forest.

“Our approach to community-based conservation means that,
for the first time, forest-dependent communities in the Chocó can generate
income from ecosystem services markets while preserving their traditional ways
of life,” said Brodie Ferguson, founder of Anthrotect.

The project will help local Afro-Colombian and indigenous
landowners generate income from carbon credits through the payment for
ecosystem services through a program called Reducing Emissions from
Deforestation and Degradation (REDD).

The project offers employment in conservation activities
and a role in project management to community stakeholders. They will also
receive 50 percent of net profits generated from the project.

“The Choco-Darien carbon offset project is a great
example of aligning community benefits with land conservation,” said Dr. Robert
J. Hrubes, senior vice president of SCS.

Last year, SCS certified
Green Man Forest Products of New South Wales, Australia to the Forest
Stewardship Council (FSC) standard for responsible forest management.

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