Siemens inks service pact for 286-MW cogeneration plant

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Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Power has awarded Siemens a long-term service agreement for the Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Power Plant in New York City.

The 12-year agreement provides for supply of parts and services for two SGT6-2000E gas turbines (GTs), and also includes Siemens’s GT performance enhancement solutions.

These include Si3D turbine blade technology and Advanced Compressor Mass Flow (CMF+) modifications, the company has reported in a statement.

The agreement also includes the plant’s SPPA-T3000 control system, SGEN6-1000A generators and SST-800 steam turbines.

The company claims that its Si3D blades are designed to improve power output and thermal efficiency through a combination of 3D aerodynamic design, advanced sealing, cooling improvements, and advanced materials.

CMF+ comprises 3D airfoil profile modification of the first four rows of compressor blades and vanes, including the inlet guide vane. Besides it features instrumentation and control adaptations designed to increase mass flow for higher GT power output and exhaust energy, the statement adds.

The 286-megawatt Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Power Plant is located on a 300-acre industrial park belonging to the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation.

The facility supplies electricity to the Navy Yard and Consolidated Energy Company (ConEd) and supplies steam to Con Ed, the Navy Yard, and the nearby Red Hook Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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