Solar Source installs solar systems for St. Petersburg’s Sunlit City Parks project

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Solar Source installs solar systems for St. Petersburg's Sunlit City Parks project

Greentech Lead India: Solar Source, a licensed solar
electrical, and general contracting firm, has installed 19 solar systems for
the city of St Petersburg’s Sunlit City Parks Project.

Almost 950 solar panels were mounted on park facilities,
including the Science + Technology Education Innovation Center (EIC) and other
park recreational centers.

The U.S. Department of Energy funded the projects to
encourage learning and spark student’s imagination. Solar Source acted as the
installer and primary subcontractor for LEMA Construction & Developers,

“We are proud to install these systems, which are data
collection points for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory,” said Rick
Gilbert, vice president of Solar Source. “These solar panels will educate the
public, especially children, whose futures will be powered by solar energy
significantly more than prior generations.”

The City of St. Petersburg received a grant to install
these experimental systems to monitor sun exposure for the Southeast region. At
each of the parks, citizens can view weather and energy data generated by the
solar panels through a series of information kiosks featuring animated

The Sunlit Park systems range in size from one
235-watt panel at Coquina Key Park to a 234-panel array at Wildwood Park
Recreational Center. Some of the unique features include thin film laminate at
Gladden Park and a new form of peak shaving at Walter Fuller Recreational

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