Spectrum Acquisition Holdings develops “small footprint” technologies for mining industry


Spectrum Acquisition Holdings develops \

Spectrum Acquisition Holdings, a growing mining
exploration, technology and services organization, announced that it is
developing “small footprint” technologies minimize the traditionally
poisonous and toxic environmental threats posed by the mining industry.

The new technologies include a Laser Guidance
System for Diamond Wire Stone Cutting Apparatus and Continuous Refractory Ore
Bio-processing Apparatus for Digesting Metal Ore with Bacteria.

“We are looking forward to the synergism that will
be created once these technologies are connected,” said Dale Henry,
president of Spectrum Acquisition Holdings Corp.

The present and current mining technology is a mixing and
milling and aeration apparatus for digesting metal ore with bacterial
comprising a novel axial mixing impeller for use in gold ore biooxidizing

The biooxidizing reactors include a crushing roller for
acting upon undissolved solids and a gas diffuser for oxygenation at low speeds
while befouling the roller.

A third apparatus is also being developed and is patent
pending which will work in conjunction with the above technologies.

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