Summit Power, National Grid and Petrofac to seek funds for low-carbon power plant in UK

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Summit Power, National Grid and Petrofac to seek funds for low-carbon power plant in UK

Greentech Lead Europe: Summit Power Group, a developer of
low-carbon electric power projects, has joined hands with National Grid and
Petrofac to seek funding for developing low-carbon power plant in the United

The project will be submitted to the UK Department of
Energy and Climate Change (DECC) for funding under the UK’s Carbon Capture
& Storage (CCS) Delivery Competition.

With more than 90 percent carbon capture, the coal
feedstock plant will generate low-carbon electric power. The carbon dioxide
(CO2) will be transported via pipeline to St. Fergus by National Grid Carbon
and then transferred offshore for geological sequestration deep under the North
Sea by Petrofac subsidiary, CO2DeepStore.

The project site will take advantage of synergies with
other facilities for industrial gas supply and to support CO2 capture. The
location provides the benefit of being close to the UK North Sea for both CO2
storage and, later, enhanced oil recovery opportunities, and enables the re-use
of existing pipelines.

Summit Power is also developing a very similar project in
Texas — the Texas Clean Energy Project (TCEP). Summit Power’s TCEP project is
a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project for the U.S. Department of Energy,
which in 2010 awarded the project $450 million under the Clean Coal Power
Initiative (CCPI).

CCPI is a cost-shared collaboration between the Federal
government and private industry, aimed at stimulating investment in extreme
low-carbon, coal-based power generation technologies through successful
commercial demonstrations.

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