TechnoCycle completes rigorous qualification process for new certification

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TechnoCycle completes rigorous qualification process for new certification

By Greentech Lead Team: TechnoCycle, a provider of
e-waste disposal and recycling services in Houston, has completed the rigorous
qualification process of certification to the e-Stewards and R2 (Responsible
Recycling) electronic recycling certification standards as well as the
environmental ISO 14001 and health & safety OHSAS 18001 standards.

For achieving industry-leading certifications,
has to maintain the highest standards of industry accountability in data
security, environmental responsibility, and health and safety.

“The dual certification of e-Stewards and R2,
combined with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, makes TechnoCycle a quad certified
service provider in whom customers can have complete confidence,” said
Mike Buckles, owner and founder, TechnoCycle.

The e-Stewards and R2 certification standards are
focusing on the electronic recycling industry-specific issues of data security,
environmental accountability, worker and public health, and material
accountability through final disposition.

ISO 14001, an environmental management standard, and
OHSAS 18001, a health and safety operational standard, are internationally
recognized standards that provide organizations with a consistent methodology
of “Plan – Do – Check – Act” to comply with common, and
industry-specific, laws and regulations.

“E-Stewards Recyclers are the only recyclers that
assure your hazardous electronic waste is not exported to developing countries
and is recycled in accordance with the most secure practices in the
world,” said Jim Puckett, executive director of the Basel Action Network.

“We’re pleased to add TechnoCycle to the
environmentally responsible companies operating to such standards. This
partnership and level of commitment raises the bar in industry practice with
global impact,” Puckett added.

TechnoCycle partners with clients to develop a solution
for managing their end-of-life electronics, data and environmental liability
providing a simple logistical plan specific to each client’s need and is one of
the first in its industry to offer the new mobile E-Shredder to the Texas

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