Three Indian clean energy firms shortlisted for Ashden Awards

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Three clean energy firms from India have found place in the ten shortlisted nominees among other organizations for this year’s Ashden Awards, reports The Economic Times.

Tamil Nadu-based SunBest, Mahindra Lifespaces and Greenlight Planet are the three organizations and the winner will be announced on June 11.

Mahindra Lifespaces aims to create sustainable communities by designing low-carbon homes in Indian metros.

Their business initiatives incorporate environmental responsibility including a zero water waste automobile factory and a range of LEED-certified residences.

Their biggest environmental initiative yet is Mahindra Hariyali. In 2007, company set a goal of planting 1 million trees nationwide to increase India’s green cover and offset national greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of the long-term sustainability plan, all the facilities follow comprehensive plans to reduce waste, conserve resources, and minimize emissions.

SunBest is a premier solar company engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of solar air heater, solar water heater and Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) electrical appliances.

The technology provides low-cost, non-fossil fuel based methodologies for processing fruits, fish, vegetables, spices and reduction in fossil fuel through preheating for many industrial products, creating less damage to the environment.

SunBest provides solar heaters to Indian tea and spice makers also by helping to reduce their carbon footprints.

The solar lantern company Greenlight Planet, which originated in Orissa now has sold 2.9 million lamps globally.

Greenlight Planet focuses on providing solar energy solutions to off-grid consumers.

The company promotes quality of solar lighting around the world with its durable and affordable ‘Sun King’ range of solar lamps.

Originating a powerful light that lasts longer than previous models, these versatile lamps can be put on a stand, carry around or hang on the wall.

Ashden works in the field of sustainable energy and development, including the annual Ashden Awards. It also advocates and research in the field of sustainable energy by mentoring and providing support for award winners.

So far, over 20 organizations in India have won Ashden Awards since 2001.

Winners will receive up to 40,000 pounds and global recognition as one of 2015’s green energy trailblazers.

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