True Green Energy Group signs green energy contract with Beltrans

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True Green Energy Group signs green energy contract with Beltrans

Greentech Lead Team:
True Green Energy Group (TGEG) has signed an agreement
with Beltrans to deliver the renewable energy technology system to the site in
San Fernando Pampanga.

The plant will be comprised of
modular standard 50 ton/day MSW gasification systems, which will supply around
4,000 Nm3/hr syngas to a syngas power generation unit per system. The expected
power output of the gasification plant is up to 2 MWe plus surplus thermal heat
up to 2MWth.

The gasification plant is prepared
in modular concept and multi-gasification units can be built in the same site,
which will produce power in multiples of 2 MWe. The gasification plant will
also include the associated ancillary structural platform buildings.

The Gasification System which is
provided by Beltran includes the gasifier reactor with ash discharge, gas clean
up system including, cyclone filters, heat exchangers, WESP, gas suction
blower, pipe work, syngas flare stack, instruments with control system and
steel frame structure.

Each gasifier system is designed to
process up to 2 tons per hour of dry biomass and dried RDF and a range of other
industrial and domestic waste products per gasifier module with the resulting
syngas being converted into heat/electricity by a spark ignition or duel fuel
compression standard engine generators. Alternatively the syngas produced from
the gasifier can be utilized for the synthesis of chemicals.

Beltran wet electrostatic
precipitators are in use throughout the world in more than 1,000 installations.
Wet Precipitators are of rigid frame design with fixed-point suspension for the
high voltage discharge electrode system and have been installed for collecting
different types of aerosols, tar and dusts.

Beltran WESP’s are operating on
biomass, MSW, and coal gasification plants, as well as coke ovens and town gas
production furnaces. Particulates are also collected, such as fly ash, glass
melting furnaces, forming stations, tar droplets, cement, lime, sodium sulfate
and dust containing ferrous and non-ferrous metal oxides.

The Beltran electrostatic
precipitator embodies many unique design features that ensure high collecting
efficiencies over an extended lifetime with a minimum of preventative
maintenance. A WESP can either have horizontal or vertical gas flow.

“Ronald Flynn is an entrepreneur who
had a dream to help the world be a better place. He has been determined to not
let his dream die. The man has faith and belief in his dreams and did not let
anyone or anything stop him from succeeding. The fact is many people thought he
was crazy and said it would never work. But like any great entrepreneur, he
listened to what he felt. He worked out the kinks and preceded in what people are
now saying could become the biggest green energy company in the world,” said
the C.E.O. Renato W. Lee III of True Green Energy Group.

“We are very happy to have Murat on
our team because he has already been recognized around the world. Moreover for
his completion of many industrial projects since 1997 that involved the
implementation of a 22MWe waste gasification Anaerobic Digestion and landfill
plant in turkey, and the designing and installation of a 4MWe Biomass
Gasification Renewable Energy Plant for the University of East Anglia, Norwich,
England, United Kingdom. Flynn went on to say, the problem is not in the stars,
but in ourselves,” said Ronald Flynn, founder of True Green Energy Group.

The TGEG green energy consortium
estimates that in the first phase of its projects alone it will employ 11,000
people in 3 major provinces in the Philippines. The consortium plans to expand
that number to 100,000 within 18 months of the first system being installed in
the city of San Fernando Pampanga Philippines. The expansion was made possible
by investments made by Pioneer shareholders and CJ Consortium who became
stockholders in TGEG and finalized a one billion euro (1,000,000,000.00) line
of credit to fund TGEG Bio Green power plants and low cost housing projects.

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