Turner Group predicts ZEB projects to cross the target growth

William A. (Bill) Turner, PE, LEED, senior VP, H L Turner Group and president and CEO of Turner Building Science & Design, predicts that the pace of growth in Zero Energy Building (ZEB) construction will grow faster that the previously reported growth into $1.4 trillion in 2035.

On the ground level, a rapid acceleration is expected in the number builders going towards a Zero Net Energy platform. Cost effective strategies on various building types can be demonstrated that allow green buildings to act as high performing buildings. The introduction of the LEED rating helped the green building market to grow, stated, Turner.

Moreover, building owners are now focused on building long term value into their green buildings. Zero Net Energy buildings are the new sacred grail within the green building construction marketplace, he added.

ROSE Front Drive view cropped
Despite the short term fluctuations that occur in the cost of energy due to a number of factors, long term energy prices continue to rise as a worldwide commodity. Building developers are learning that there is real ROI value associated with high performance buildings construction that shows up in sales levels, annual operating costs, and resale pricing. Pocketbook issues have always been associated with building green, explained, Harold Turner, PE, president, CEO, H L Turner Group.

However, going further than just being green will change the dynamics. People can do ZEB construction based on the economic fundamentals, which only gets better over time as energy costs increase. It really is a win-win situation for everyone, except those in fuel business, concluded Turner.

Greenenergy Communities is a residential building developer offering Zero Net Energy (ZNE) homes in California and Florida. In 2010 the Turner Group began the ROSE Cottage Project, which was completed in 2012, located in the capital of Concord, NH.

This green building project consists of multi-generational use and aging-in-place features that accommodates long life cycle values. Turner Group designers had won the 2013 Marvin Architect’s Challenge Showdown and 2013 Bosch Green Living Award for ROSE Cottage project.

Besides, it was the first single family home built as part of a privately funded RCMZeroEnergy.com educational website used to promote the use of the zero-net construction.

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