W2 Energy inks joint venture deal with Luxembourg Green Energy Corporation

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W2 Energy inks joint venture deal with Luxembourg Green Energy Corporation

Greentech Lead Europe: W2 Energy, a developer of
renewable energy technologies, has signed a joint venture partnership with W2H
Luxembourg Holding.  

W2H Luxembourg Holding has invested in renewable energy
technologies and new technologies from W2 Energy, Hydrogen Research, Austrian
Institute of Technology (Pimtec) and EGM International.

W2H holds several exclusive rights to W2 Energy’s
mass-to-energy technology which can convert any hydrocarbon feedstock including
coal, biomass, plastics, municipal solid waste, agricultural waste into
electricity and liquid fuel such as petroleum, JP8 jet fuel, LPG and ultra-low
sulfur diesel and FT-wax.

Through this JVP both companies will jointly develop and
market W2’s product lines throughout the European Union and Africa. Specific
products will include W2 Energy’s NT Plasmatron, Grinder, SteamRay Engine,
Multi-fuel Gas to Liquid Reactor, NT Plasmatron Fuel (Bio oil/water/coal
ignite) and The SunFilter Algae Bio Reactor.

W2 Energy has received the first order of $300,000 with
its new JVP to refurbishment of existing Bio-mass power plants throughout
Europe with W2 Energy’s patented technology. The initial plan calls for the
retrofitting of W2’s five combustion engines for several palm oil power plants
in Germany. The retrofit project is slated to begin next month in April.

The agreement calls for $120,000 for the initial
development of W2’s Hydrogen powered rotary engine. The JVP has initiated a
pre-order market and plans to sell 100 Hydrogen powered rotary engines in the
European market for a total of $4 million.

“The expansion of W2 Energy into the European and African
markets, under the leadership of W2H Luxembourg Holding, will ensure us the
exposure and marketability we need in order to enter the European market. Based
upon certain business developments and initial orders stemming from Europe, we
are very excited at the prospects this new partnership brings to W2 Energy in
the form of consistent revenue streams,” said Mike McLaren, W2 Energy president
and CEO.

W2 Energy recently announced its plans to develop its recently purchased property for
utilizing its algae bio reactor.

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