WEPOWER Ecolutions partners with Connilly Enterprises to distribute diesel and gas motors

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WEPOWER Ecolutions partners with Connilly Enterprises to distribute diesel and gas motors

Greentech Lead America: WEPOWER Ecolutions, an energy
service provider and integrator of clean energy solutions, has signed a
distribution deal with Connilly Enterprises to distribute its portfolio of
eco-friendly, fuel-delivery-system products.

The deal covers the patent-pending Hydro-Cat hydrogen
generators for diesel and gasoline engines, which are designed to increase fuel
efficiency from 10 percent to 30 percent while increasing horsepower by up to
10 percent and increasing torque up to 8 percent. The Hydro-Cat hydrogen
generators also reduce CO2 emission.

“The Hyrdo-Cat HX-100 coolant-to-fuel heat exchanger
aftermarket ‘green device’ for diesel and gasoline engines reduces carbon
emissions, reduces fuel consumption and increases engine performance,” said
Kevin Donovan, CEO of WEPOWER Ecolutions.

“The Hydro-Cat saves clients fuel and money.
Immediate market opportunities for our sales teams include diesel and gasoline
auto manufacturers, fuel tanker and long haulers, delivery vehicles,
motorcycles, heavy duty equipment, farming equipment manufacturers and the
railroad industry,” Donovan added.

The company plans to distribute the Hyrdo-Cat products
into the United States Navy and major transportation fleet companies from the
primary industries, including freight in shipping and delivery services, food
service, beverage, grocers, retailers, motor coach, buses and key others. 

“World demand for diesel engines alone is projected
to grow 6.7 percent per year through 2015 to $197.5 billion,” said Michael
Burns, founder and CEO of Connilly Enterprises. “The world diesel engine
industry includes light motor vehicles, medium and heavy motor vehicles,
off-highway equipment, stationary equipment, and products (engines and parts).
Our Hydro-Cat product is an ideal disruptive technology to impact the

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