ZincOx Resources to start Korean recycling plant in two weeks

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ZincOx Resources to start Korean recycling plant in two weeks

Greentech Lead Asia: ZincOx Resources, which specializes
in the recovery of zinc concentrate from steel industry waste, will start its
Korean recycling plant in two weeks. The construction of the plant has
completed within 18 months.

“We set ourselves an ambitious development schedule
when we started this project 18 months ago so notwithstanding the very fast
track approach taken in this development, I am delighted to report that the
project has, to date, been developed within budget and without a single lost
time injury. I look forward to reporting the start of production within a
fortnight, said Andrew Woollett, chairman, ZincOx.

For the purposes of commissioning, the plant has been
divided into two zones. Zone 1 includes EAFD unloading, coal pulverization,
binder preparation, briquetting, drying and screening. Zone 2 includes the
rotary hearth furnace (RHF), gas handling system and hot briquetting tower.

Commissioning of Zone 1 is complete and briquettes have
been tested in the plant’s laboratory. Over 600 tons of briquettes have been
produced and ready to feed the furnace.

The RHF has been operated in a cold state with good
briquette loading and discharge and is ready for production. The gas handling
system and the hot briquetting tower are waiting for final commissioning. The
burners on the RHF are being tuned and then the furnace will be gradually
heated up over a two day period.

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