Baltimore Gas & Electric selects Itron to connect and manage streetlights

By Editor


Itron announced its contract with Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE), Maryland’s largest gas and electric utility, to connect and manage 260,000 Itron smart streetlights.

BGE will use its Itron IIoT network to connect the smart streetlights, which are expected to be deployed through 2026. This will help reduce energy consumption.

Itron’s smart lighting solution automatically detects lamp and lighting power supply failures when they occur, enabling BGE to respond to problems in a timely manner. With each issue, maintenance crews will receive critical information, such as the location of the failure and the lamp type, so they can respond immediately and send a maintenance crew to address the issue.

Itron’s solution monitors several parameters to help identify streetlight problems before they occur. As an additional safety measure for Maryland residents and motorists, BGE will be able to control lighting levels instantly or on a scheduled basis. The utility can adjust each streetlight with on/off and dimming functionality.

BGE will take advantage of Itron’s Streetlight.Vision (SLV) Central Management System solution, SELC Networked Lighting Controllers (NLC) and SLV:GO, an integrated field operations platform from Itron partner, TerraGo Technologies, to accelerate deployment and improve efficiencies.

BGE will utilize the SLV platform, delivered through a Software-as-a-Service model, to manage and monitor the smart streetlights added to their existing multi-purpose IIoT network. The SLV platform is extensible, allowing BGE to add other smart city applications in the future.

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