E.ON closing Killingholme power station

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UK-based utility E.ON is closing its Killingholme power station in North Lincolnshire. The power station was previously considered for closure but then was returned to service in 2005.

E.ON has stated that its decision to close the power plant was the result of insurmountably poor market conditions for gas and coal-fired electricity generation.

About 500 employees of the plant and its associated operations are likely to lose jobs with the closure.

A funding crisis is developing around building new power stations in the UK. The country requires a long-term plan for energy rather than leaving it all to the market, according to a member of GMB.

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Earlier this month E.ON announced that it was acquiring a stake in the US start-up Enervee. The start-up, founded in 2012, provides a platform that allows users to make energy-efficient choices among household appliances, devices and electronics.

The utility plans to invest in the platform to meet the needs of the European market.

“Providing easily accessible information about the total cost (purchase price and cost of use) alongside environmental impact empowers consumers to take better decisions. Especially when that information is seamlessly integrated in the marketplace at the time of purchase,” Matthias Kurwig, co-founder and CEO of Enervee had stated.

“Until today this information has been difficult to find and near impossible to understand. The Enervee Score, along with the marketplaces we build for our partners, make it easy and compelling for consumers to act on real knowledge and will transform the way we all shop for any product that uses power,” he added.

The investment in Enervee takes E.ON’s venture capital activities further to twelve start-ups across the US and Europe.

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