GE Vernova Unveils GridOS Data Fabric for Smarter Grid Orchestration

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GE Vernova has introduced GridOS Data Fabric to tackle the escalating complexities of modern energy grids amidst the proliferation of renewable energy sources and extreme weather events.

This platform from GE Vernova marks a significant milestone as the inaugural data fabric tailored specifically for grid orchestration, aimed at assisting utilities in navigating the dual imperatives of intelligence and resilience.

The contemporary energy landscape is fraught with intricacies, compounded by the dispersion of energy data across disparate networks. This dispersion results in a compounding effect, presenting electric utilities with formidable data management challenges.

GridOS Data Fabric from GE Vernova circumvents these hurdles through a unique approach: federation facilitates access to decentralized data from myriad sources, while virtualization engenders a centralized view spanning the grid ecosystem, encompassing transmission, distribution, edge components, and IT/OT applications.

This unified data perspective equips grid operators with the ability to discern, regulate, and leverage vast volumes of widely dispersed data for expedited decision-making, all the while orchestrating real-time grid operations.

Sanjay Banga, President of the Transmission and Distribution Vertical at Tata Power, underscored the imperative of grappling with the complexities engendered by massive energy data.

Sanjay Banga articulated that unlocking energy data across the grid is indispensable in addressing the variegated challenges posed by renewable power fluctuations, grid disturbances, and the proliferation of electric vehicles, solar infrastructure, and IoT edge devices.

Sanjay Banga emphasized that scalable solutions facilitating streamlined data management are pivotal in enhancing grid prognostication and load balancing efficacy, thereby bolstering efforts toward ensuring uninterrupted provision of reliable, sustainable power.

Harnessing Energy Data: A Gateway to Utility Advancement

As utilities embark on grid modernization endeavors by deploying line sensors and smart meters, they find themselves amassing copious amounts of data, thereby fortifying grid intelligence. Concurrently, they must contend with the integration of an expanding array of external data sources, encompassing meteorological, wildfire, traffic, and emergency services data.

GridOS Data Fabric is engineered to seamlessly integrate energy data from both OT and IT realms, alongside these external data inputs, thereby facilitating cohesive decision-making processes.

Mahesh Sudhakaran, General Manager of GE Vernova’s Grid Software business, said utilities must interconnect energy data spanning the grid ecosystem to effectuate streamlined grid operations automation.

Leveraging energy data, in conjunction with AI and machine learning technologies, empowers utilities to swiftly respond to demand fluctuations while effectively tackling challenges associated with renewable energy management and electrification, Mahesh Sudhakaran said.

Collaborative Endeavors to Propel Grid Modernization

Collaborative initiatives serve as linchpins in accelerating grid orchestration efforts and propelling the adoption of breakthrough technologies predicated on energy data.

Itron, a leading American conglomerate specializing in energy, water, smart city infrastructure, and IoT solutions, has forged a strategic partnership with GE Vernova. Leveraging GridOS Data Fabric, Itron aims to interlink grid operations with grid-edge data, spanning diverse sources such as residential solar installations and electric vehicles.

Earlier, GE Vernova acquired Greenbird Integration Technology and launched GridOS in 2023. Thorsten Heller, Chief Innovation Officer of GE Vernova’s Grid Software business, revealed the significance of this unveiling, emphasizing GridOS Connect as a cornerstone component of the federated grid data fabric.

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