H2U uses Baker Hughes NovaLT gas turbine for hydrogen power plant

Australian hydrogen infrastructure developer H2U will use Baker Hughes NovaLT gas turbine generators at its South Australian Renewable Hydrogen and Ammonia Supply Chain Demonstrator in Port Lincoln.

H2U won the AUD$117.5 million greentech project a year ago in partnership with German-based Thyssenkrupp.

The greentech project is partially funded by $4.7 million in grants and $7.5 million in loans from the South Australian Government’s Renewable Technology Fund. The project will integrate new hydrogen technologies, including a 15MW electrolyser plant, a distributed ammonia production facility, and a 10MW hydrogen­fired gas turbine and 5MW hydrogen fuel cell, which will both supply power to the grid.

H2U CEO Dr Attilio Pigneri said: “The annular combustor design and dual-shaft configuration will enable the unit to deliver a black-start capability while still operating on 100 per cent hydrogen.”