Ignitis Gamyba deploys GE Digital software for planning

GE Digital OPM Production Planning

Ignitis Gamyba, the largest power producer in Lithuania, has selected GE Digital to deploy OPM Production Planning and Operations Performance Management solution.

GE Digital’s OPM Production Planning solution ensures reliability of power generation to meet demand, lower the generation costs and improve profitability. GE Digital said the software is designed to provide accurate forecasting of maximum unit power, fuel nomination, and the automation of data transmission for day-ahead operation planning and electricity trading.

OPM Production Planning helps traders, dispatch planners, asset and plant managers understand the day-ahead and intraday plant capacity, and how to make the profitable use of that capacity through commitment preparation, fuel nomination and dispatch planning.

Ignitis Gamyba’s objectives for forecasting include reducing the probability of imbalance, maximizing the efficiency of the unit, and expanding electricity sales, all with the mission to ensure secure and stable power in the region.

The company is looking to reduce potential losses due to imbalances, with no corrective action required to adjust the amount of power and the power schedule.

“OPM Production Planning contributes to the possibility of making the most efficient use of the production capacity of the combined cycle unit for commercial electricity generation,” said Rimgaudas Kalvaitis, CEO of Ignitis Gamyba.

“Software drives performance with analytics and automation to allow energy companies analyze and proactively balance critical variables like  weather, supply/demand  patterns, and asset health and efficiency to make better business decisions,” said Linda Rae, General Manager of GE Digital’s Power Generation and Oil & Gas business.