NTPC sources coal from Talabira Mines of NLC in Odisha

By Editor


NTPC, India’s largest power generator, has started sourcing coal from Talabira Mines of NLC in Odisha. NTPC will source coal from Talabira mines to Lara and Darlipalli.

NTPC is also enhancing coal production from its captive mines. The present installed capacity of NTPC Group is 66,900 MW (including 13,425 MW through JVs/Subsidiaries) comprising of 47 NTPC stations (23 coal-based stations, 7 gas-based stations, 1 hydro station, 1 small hydro, 14 solar PV, and 1 wind-based station) and 26 joint venture stations (9 coal-based, 4 gas-based, 8 hydro, 1 small hydro 2 wind and 2 solar PV).

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