Apple iPhone 5 release windfall opportunity for e-waste recyclers, says Green Technology Resources

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Apple iPhone 5 release windfall opportunity for e-waste recyclers, says Green Technology Resources

Greentech Lead U.S: Apple’s new iPhone 5 paves way for a new
business opportunity for e-waste recyclers, according to Green Technology

The rapid obsolescence cycle of modern smartphones is
driving the global e-waste recycling market, according to analysts. The market
for e-waste recycling is predicted to grow to $1.86 billion by 2017.

With iPhone 5 sales expected to soar soon after its launch, old
smartphones will be flushed to the e-waste recycling mills.

Horace Dediu, an independent analyst at Asymco, estimates
that Apple’s new iPhone will sell a total of 220,000 per day for a total of
more than 6 million units around the globe on launch weekend alone.

Meanwhile J.P. Morgan’s equity analysts expect Apple to sell
about 8 million iPhone
5 units in the final three months of the year.

The fact that most of the iPhone buyers are not first-time
mobile users makes this opportunity lucrative for e-waste recycling vendors. When
the new iPhone reaches the hands of the users, their old smartphone or feature
phone is most likely to go to e-waste recycling company.

More interestingly e-waste recycling companies are eying the
rare minerals contained in these obsolete phones. Companies such as GTSO’s
mining subsidiary, GTSO Resources, are working to capitalize on this growing
supply of unwanted wealth.

Earlier this month, GTSO Resources signed a letter of intent
to acquire Global Cell Buyers, an emerging U.S.-based e-waste recycling
company, a move that could potentially allow GTSO to optimize recovery of
lithium, gold, neodymium, rare earths and other valuable materials from
unwanted cell phones. The company is in talks with a leading e-waste recycler
in Latin America, as well.

GTSO has plans to grow right alongside the rapidly expanding
industry, and is aggressively targeting new partnerships and acquisitions that
will increase its footprint in the sector.

announces recycling package for iPhone 4S

Apple recently announced a recycling package for customers
of iPhone 4S.

Through its Reuse and Recycle program, Apple is offering a
rebate for iPhone models such as 3G, 3GS, 4, or 4S.  According to company
officials, a 64GB iPhone 4S in good condition can fetch a rebate up to
$345.  Even a completely damaged device can earn you some money. The
company pays the shipping and packaging charges.

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