ASUS aims to recycle 20% of its global e-waste by 2025

ASUS has e-waste recycling programs in 14 countries

Taiwanese tech giant ASUS on Monday announced the recycling of 20 per cent of its global electronic waste (e-waste) by 2025.

Currently, ASUS has joint ventures in 14 countries which entails 70 per cent of its global business with qualified local recyclers to help recycle e-waste.

“Last year, ASUS recycled close to 11 million kg of e-waste, representing 12.2 per cent recovery ratio of total products sold. Along with improving sustainability, e-waste recycling also creates new market opportunities by adding value through recycled materials,” the company said in a statement.

As part of its “Extended Producer’s Responsibility”, ASUS plans to establish a new recycling operation in the key markets of India.

Under this operation, ASUS will encourage consumers to recycle used devices at dedicated collection points.

These collection points will be opened in 40 locations where customers can come and deposit there e-wastes.