AXION to supply ECOTRAX rail ties for major Australian firms

AXION, manufacturer of ECOTRAX, fully recycled composite rail ties and sleepers has received its third purchase order totaling $471,000 for ECOTRAX rail ties to be shipped to Australia.

AXION’s ECOTRAX rail ties are being installed all over Australia on both mainline and for special applications.

They have received Type Approval from various freight railroads in Australia for the project.


The demand for rail ties has escalated, after successful completion of 3 years of in-track testing.

The process of filling orders have been going on as the Australian market has been impressed with the benefits of ECOTRAX rail ties, said, Cory Burdick, global manager, ECOTRAX Rail Division, AXION.

These recycled rail ties are strong and resistant to climate changes offering durability, while providing environmental benefits and meeting industry standards.

In addition, they are a feasible solution for replacing wood ties and are waterproof, resisting rot and insect damage. They also reduce the harvesting of trees.

Currently, AXION sells its rail ties and sleepers to multiple domestic and international transit and freight railroads.

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