Detroit Lions join with REPREVE on sustainbility development

The Detroit Lions has announced Unifi’s REPREVE, the recycled fiber brand as new official sustainability partner of the team.

REPREVE is made of recycled materials like plastic bottles that helps make products eco-friendly.

The #TurnItGreen movement takes care of recycling works on stadium and promote a consumer education campaign titled “Make the Smart Throw,” that asks fans to throw bottles into recycling bins.

Unifi Inc REPREVE Green Lions Jerseys

The REPREVE Company, Unifi with its headquarters in Greensboro converts plastic bottles into recycled fibers, which are used by Ford, Haggar, Polartec, Quiksilver and Volcom like brands.

Soon, the Lions with REPREVE will begin #TurnItGreen program with a training camp and during practice, the Lions will use green jerseys, each made from 21 recycled plastic bottles.

This initiative shows the Ford family’s commitment in the area of sustainability. Through this partnership 500 recycling bins will be placed in Ford Field, for fans to ‘Make the Smart Throw.’

This collaboration acts as a platform to instruct fans about the products made from recycled materials, which will prevent plastic bottles from throwing to landfills, said, Tom Lewand, president, Detroit Lions Team.

Moreover, REPREVE and the Lions are taking help of fans to achieve a 100 percent recycling rate target in 2014 season, which will benefit student at the Detroit Lions Academy, who will be presented with new REPREVE clothing.

Recycling is important but only 30 percent of plastic bottles are recycled in the U.S. Together with the Detroit Lions, we are highlighting the comfort of in-stadium recycling and showcasing the benefits.
Franchises from other sports are expected to follow this movement, explained, Roger Berrier, president and COO, Unifi.

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