DuPont in pact with EcoStrate for postconsumer recycling of carpets

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DuPont has entered into an agreement with EcoStrate for developing a pilot postconsumer recycling program for carpets.

The two companies will work to develop and commercialize products using recovered postconsumer carpet made with DuPont Sorona renewably sourced fiber.

DuPont Sorona carpets are made of bio-based material. DuPont has been practicing postindustrial recycling for years, and the company has focused on identifying postconsumer recycling solutions for carpet made with DuPont Sorona.


DuPont Sorona fiber is made from annually renewable plant-based ingredients and is used primarily in fiber applications including office and automotive interiors, as well as in fiber for carpets.

EcoStrate owns experience in handling materials such as carpet, computer carcasses, vinyl flooring, carpet padding, textile waste and other waste products to be recycled to form indoor and outdoor signage, mud flaps and flooring.

EcoStrate aims to divert these raw materials from ending up in landfills, transforming them into 100 percent postconsumer recycled product.

Sabeena Wahid

[email protected]

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