E-Waste Systems announces Reciclarg SA of Argentina as its South American venture

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Greentech Lead America:  E-Waste Systems, a provider of electronic waste management technology and services, has signed a MoU with Reciclarg SA of Argentina to be its lead partner in South America.

Argentina generates an estimated 264 million pounds per year of eWaste, which is the 15% of the total eWaste produced in South America.

EWSI estimates that this tonnage represents an annual market potential of over $120M from materials and at least $200M from reuse countrywide. Despite this huge volume, none of the region’s countries has adopted integrated legislation to address the problem.

A bill introduced to the Argentine legislature, modeled on the European Union’s WEEE Directive, would establish producer responsibility for the final disposal of waste equipment and the reuse and recycling of components.

The Province of Mendoza, where Reciclarg is based, is the 4th largest in Argentina with a population of over 1.4 million. Mendoza has a strategic logistics position on the major artery linking Buenos Aires and Santiago.

Nallim, who co-founded Reciclarg, said, “Signing this agreement with EWSI represents a great opportunity for Reciclarg in different ways, enabling us to move forward in the technological, production, efficiency and effectiveness in the production chain of our company.”

“I am pleased to be working together with EWSI, as South America is an emerging market in the problem of e-waste, and having a company like EWSI as an ally, will allow us to evolve faster and will be more beneficial to Reciclarg,” Nallim added.

EWSI has entered the UK market, opened a key office in China, launched a partnership in Australia and recently announced deals in Mexico and India.

Recently EWSI also acquired Surf Investments, an Irvine, CA-based e-waste collector and mobile computing specialist. The acquisition is expected to add $1 million in annual revenues for E-Waste Systems.

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