E-Waste Systems signs e-commerce recycling contract with GoEz Deals

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Greentech Lead America: E-Waste Systems, Inc. (EWSI), an electronic waste management services, technology and reverse logistics company, has signed an eManagement contract with GoEz Deals of New York to be a strategic e-commerce and technology partner.

The transaction is expected to add $3 million or more to 2013 revenues.

GoEz has experienced impressive revenue growth to around $2 million per quarter, with steadily increasing profitability. The company has shown its strength in both the e-commerce and wholesale warehouse businesses, having added over 600 affiliated agency partners since inception.

This relationship will enable GoEz to expand their business into the e-waste and end-of-life electronics market, said Martin Nielson, founder and CEO of EWSI.

GoEz with its aggressive growth plan in place, intends to double its presence in Brooklyn by year-end 2013, and will launch similar operations in Miami and LA in 2014. GoEz also plans to introduce its own brands for household goods in 2014, as well as its own branded warehouse discount rewards card and e-commerce credit card programs.

Ed Torres, general manager and co-founder of GoEz, and formerly with Procter & Gamble, said, “Our USA collaboration with EWSI is a great opportunity for Go EZ Deals to have an ally in the e-waste management industry, whereby our northeast wholesale sales channel can re-market electronics to our B2B customer base via wholesale, retail and e-commerce distribution.”

Based in New York, GoEz has an experienced and knowledgeable management team with impressive and accelerating growth prospects. GoEz has also developed software solutions for mobile phones and recently began implementing reverse logistics services, which are planned to form a growing part of the relationship with EWSI.

The number of online shoppers in the US is forecasted to reach more than 150 million in 2015, with almost 80 percent of US Internet users shopping online. Growth in online shopping in the US in 2012 is projected to mostly be driven by mobile and social commerce as well as daily deals.

Significantly, in 2012 the Consumer Electronics industry sales surpassed $206 billion, the first time yearly industry revenues in the U.S. topped the $200 billion mark. Sales growth is projected to continue into 2013, when industry revenues will likely grow 4.5% reaching $215.8 billion.

GoEz targets the currently underserved Latino market in America. Comprising 20 percent of the total US population, with young average age, a fast growth rate, and increasing disposable income and technology adoption, this market presents abundant opportunities for GoEz to fill a major void through e-commerce.

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