GE provides MBR technology for wastewater treatment plant in Italy

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GE provides MBR technology for wastewater treatment plant in Italy

Greentech Lead Europe: Servizi Ambientali SPA has
upgraded its existing wastewater treatment plant With GE’s advanced membrane
bioreactor (MBR) technology. The plant was first constructed three years ago to
initially treat 7 million liters per day (MLD) or 7,000 m3/d. The plant is
located on the area around Loano, Italy.

The new expansion enables the wastewater treatment plant
to quadruple its capacity. GE has provided its ZeeWeed technology for the

GE supplied MBR technology and equipment featuring
ZeeWeed 500D reinforced, hollow-fiber membranes. ZeeWeed 500 technology is an
advanced filtration technology that separates particles, bacteria and viruses
from water or wastewater.  

GE has provided four ZeeWeed 500D trains, 24 cassettes
and 1,152 modules. This expands the plant’s treatment capacity and improves the
region’s water quality.

“Governments and municipalities continue to look for ways
to properly treat wastewater and possibly reuse it for non-potable purposes,
particularly in highly tourist regions such as Loano and Liguria. Discharging
effluents with high quality characteristics obtained through ultrafiltration
technologies, such as GE’s ZeeWeed, is essential to preserve the environment,”
said Jeff Connelly, vice president, engineered systems, water and process
technologies for GE Power & Water.

With this upgrading the plant is now capable of serving
approximately 140,000 residents in the towns of Borghetto S. Spirito, Loano,
Toirano, Boissano, Balestrino and Ceriale in Italy.

The expanded plant handles a maximum wastewater flow of
about 35 MLD, making it the second largest municipal MBR plant in Italy. The
facility entered service in July 2012.

“Our wastewater treatment plant is located on the
seacoast and discharges into a sensitive ecosystem in a tourist region. Our
newly upgraded plant now results in the best effluent water quality ever
achieved, enabling us to serve a larger population and at the same time,
diverting the cleaned wastewater for non-potable reuse,” said Giovanni Paganelli,
chief executive officer, Servizi Ambientali SPA.

GE to supply zero liquid discharge wastewater recycling
technology to Posco

Recently, GE announced its zero liquid discharge wastewater
recycling technology will be installed at the Posco Cold Rolling Mill Steel
Plant in Maharashtra, India in the second quarter of 2013. According to General
Electric, this marks the first steel mill application of a complete GE ZLD
system containing electrodialysis reversal (EDR).


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