New York City, in pact with ERI, launches new residential electronics recycling program

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Greentech Lead America: New York City has launched a new residential electronics recycling program in partnership with Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), an electronic waste recycling company.

The program was launched by New York City Sanitation Commissioner John J. Doherty.

The e-cycleNYC program is one of several green initiatives ERI is working with New York City to provide to residents, and will enable NYC apartment buildings the opportunity to participate in an ongoing free electronic waste pick up and recycling services.

The goal of e-cycleNYC is to make electronics recycling as easy as possible for NYC residents, many of whom live in apartment buildings and can’t readily transport TVs and other large electronics to drop-off events or retail take-back programs.

The in-building service that will be provided by e-cycleNYC and ERI to buildings with 10 or more units represents the most comprehensive electronics recycling program offered by any municipality in the country.

ERI will work as NYC’s vendor that will accept electronics from any NYC resident at Sanitation’s annual SAFE Disposal Events. At these events, which are held in each borough, NYC residents can discard unwanted harmful products, including electronics.

“Recycling electronic equipment keeps harmful materials out of NYC’s waste stream and the environment,” said Commissioner Doherty. “While safe to use, electronics often contain lead, mercury, and other hazardous materials and in fact make up the largest and fastest growing component of the hazardous materials entering our waste stream.”

ERI, in partnership with many electronics manufacturers, domestically recycles approximately 200 million pounds of electronics annually.

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