Outerwall to collect 2m pounds of mobiles to ease E-Waste crisis

Outerwall anticipates the collection of two million pounds of mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic accessories in coming three years through its ecoATM recycling kiosks, which receive electronics for recycling, to minimize e-waste going in landfills.

Each year 15 pounds of e-waste is generated globally by each person. People keep on updating their electronic gadgets like mobile and tablets with a passion for embracing state-of-art technology.

A huge impact is possible if each person commits to reduce their personal e-waste footprint. The ecoATM was created with the intention of enabling people to sell their unwanted devices in order to reduce the impact, said, J. Scott Di Valerio, CEO, Outerwall.

DEMOfocus on Consumer Technologies

In addition, Outerwall’s sustainability efforts Redbox entertainment and Coinstar money services businesses. Redbox reuses DVDs, shred and recycle discs and sell used DVDs or donate to nonprofit organizations.

Coinstar is a network of coin counting kiosks that helps coins move in circulation, reducing the amount of new coins minted. Over the past 20 years, Coinstar has processed more than 650 billion coins.

Outerwall’s is committed to ensure that electronic devices, currency and media are used or reused regularly throughout their life time and then recycled responsibly, said, Katherine V. Smith, executive director, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship.

This method helps to manage the digital gap in mobile computing and reduce landfill waste, which is better for a cleaner planet, Smith added.

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