Penton’s Waste360 Group announces 2014 Global Waste Management awards

Penton’s Waste360 has announced eight award-winners from Global Waste Management Symposium, 2014 held in Orlando, Florida.

The Group, through WasteExpo and Waste360 caters to $85-billion solid waste and recycling industry.

This year’s Symposium saw a 35 percent increase in participation and this will be continuing to grow as a biennial event in 2016, said, Mark Hickey, market leader, Waste Industry.

During the three-day conference, around 100 presentations were held in the form of both oral as well as poster. The sessions exhibited applied and fundamental research case studies from waste management segment.

The Award Committee on reviewing all presentations declared eight winners on different categories.

Florentino De la Cruz from North Carolina State for his presentation entitled “Chemical Changes during Anaerobic Decomposition of Lignocellulose under Mesophilic and Thermophilic Conditions” got first place in the category of Oral presentations (non-student). His talk was included in the Anaerobic Digestion session of the event.

Second and third place went to Nicole Berge, University of South Carolina (for participation in the Emerging Contaminants session) and Kevin Torrens, Brown and Caldwell (for participation in the Leachate Treatment session), respectively.

In Student oral presentations category, Stephanie Bolyard from University of Central Florida got first prize for her presentation on “Pump and Treat Aerobic Flushing Bioreactor Landfill”.

Second and third place in the student category went to Phillip Pressley, NC State (for participation in the Thermal Processing of Waste session) and Paige Wilson, Colorado State (for participation in the Anaerobic Digestion session), respectively.

For poster presenters, Debra Kanter received first place for “Definitions Matter: Understanding State Recycling Goals and Assessing their Achievability.” Mohan Dangi from California State-Fresno got the second place.

These individuals have contributed for further scientific innovation and technology within industry, said, Hickey.

Bryan Staley, president, Environmental Research and Education Foundation, co-chairman, GWMS Technical Committee, commented, “The GWMS event is one of the largest technical conferences on solid waste in the U.S. This year we had the highest number of presentations since the event began in 2008, over 100+, and there were a lot of very good talks. I congratulate this year’s winners.”

The next Global Waste Management Symposium takes place in 2016.

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