Recleim provides recycling services to BSH Home Appliances

Recleim, providers of appliance recycling services will recycle commodities for BSH Home Appliances (BSH) at the East Coast and Midwest distribution centers.

BSH, is a subsidiary firm of Bosch and Siemens Hausgerate GmbH.

Equiped with a technology that recover 95 percent of an appliance’s components by weight, Recleim’s recycling procedures ensures that emission of ozone producing contents are eliminated. Plastic, aluminum, copper and steel are then taken for reuse.

Michael Traub, president, CEO, BSH stated, “BSH Home Appliances aims to reduce environmental impact in all possible ways. We are partnering with Recleim as their approach and technologies match with our standard procedures for recycling.”

Recently, Recleim inaugurated their recycling center at Graniteville with an ability to process around 60 million pounds of appliances every year.

Doug Huffer, general manager, Recleim, commented on this partnership, “BSH Home Appliances is adapting quality recycling standards in an era, where companies recycle commodities without proper technology, posing threat to the environment. At Recleim, we apply both and are committed to recycling in a proper manner.”

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