Toshiba introduce paper recycling technology in offices in Japan

Toshiba TEC, the printing, imaging solutions and services has introduced eco-friendly e-STUDIO306LP/RD30 system for paper recycling in Shiga Prefectural Office, Japan.

This MFP system is based on environmentally friendly design and consists of the e-STUDIO306LP which prints the document in an erasable blue toner and the e-STUDIO RD30 which erases the identifiable print from paper.

With the help of a scan function, documents can be scanned and archived before the print is erased. Thus it is reducing operation expenses as well as carbon emissions and water consumptions in paper production.

Shiga Prefecture has installed MFP system in both Global Warming Issues Division and Environmental Policy Division offices, after realizing the eco boosting concept of paper reusing. Within a month of installation, 5 percent reduction of paper usage was experienced.

In addition, they endorse environmental protection and engage in activities with an aim of achieving a low-carbon society. Reduction in office paper consumption is among a series of projects on Energy Conservation Facilities the Office has set up as a green goal.

Besides, the Office is exploring the possibility of installing more e-STUDIO306LP/RD30 across various branch offices.

Already the e-STUDIO306LP/RD30 has been installed in several organizations that promote resource sustainably.

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