EREN RE, 3G Energy partner for Renewable Energy projects in Canada

3G Energy

EREN Renewable Energy (EREN RE) and 3G Energy have signed a joint development agreement with EREN Renewable Energy, a global Paris-based renewable energy independent power producer, to accelerate renewable energy development in Canadian market.

Based in Ottawa, 3G Energy has an extensive history of developing solar and wind projects in Canada

3G Energy and EREN RE aim at developing utility scale wind and solar projects in all Canadian provinces and territories through a combination of greenfield development and acquisitions.

Based in Ottawa, 3G Energy has an extensive history of developing solar and wind projects in Canada. EREN RE has solid funding capacity, in-house technical expertise, plus extensive global experience in renewable energy development, ownership, and operations. EREN RE recently raised 200M€ in October 2015.

Fabienne Demol, head of Business Development of EREN RE said, “Renewable energy in Canada has experienced a steady growth over the last 10 years and we expect many provinces to be moving the renewables agenda forward as costs continue to drop.”

“There are huge opportunities for successful investments in Canada, and for collaboration with aboriginal communities or with large industrial energy consumers alike,” Demol added.

Graham Findlay, president of 3G Energy, said, “We are creating synergy through combining EREN RE’s impressive experience with new markets and technology opportunities, such as renewable energy for mining companies, with our local presence and knowledge of the Canadian market. We now have a solid platform to work from and add to the installed base of renewable energy projects in Canada.”

In the next few years, the partnership also intends to develop wind and solar projects where they prove to be competitive alternatives, combined with storage technologies and through industrial net-metering opportunities.

Rajani Baburajan