ABCO reports its highest backlog

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ABCO Energy has announced highest backlog of commercial and residential solar installation work in its history.

“The total of the contracts currently signed is in excess of $1,825,000 and more projects have been submitted for financing. This backlog exceeds our 2014 sales, and is expected to grow before our fiscal year ending this December 31,” Charles O’Dowd, the president of ABCO has been quoted as saying in a statement.

On July 2 ABCO had signed a solar electric system installation contract for four commercial sites in Arizona. The contract totals $1,200,000 and is fully funded. The work is scheduled for completion by December 31.

On August 15 ABCO signed a contract to build nine commercial solar electric facilities for a group of medical offices. The combined sales price of the projects is close to $275,000.

ABCO also has several residential contracts signed and under construction totaling over $350,000 as of August 15.

The contracts are the remainder of more than $660,000 in residential contracts signed in the first half of 2015. And they are to be completed in the remaining four months of this fiscal year, the statement says.

Ajith Kumar S

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