Aderis Energy Celebrates Aderis Acuity PPC Compliance with Duke Energy’s Stringent Standards

By Editor


Aderis Energy, a pioneering force in the renewable energy sector, has announced the successful integration and testing of their cutting-edge Aderis Acuity PPC.

This achievement marks a significant milestone as the Aderis Acuity PPC now meets Duke Energy’s stringent Reactive Capability and Control Verification (RCCV) requirements. These requirements, aligned with the IEEE 1547-2018 Standards for Interconnection and Interoperability of Distributed Resources, signify a transformation by mandating real-time operational standards for smaller distribution interconnected generators akin to those traditionally reserved for larger transmission interconnected generators.

The Aderis Acuity PPC has been meticulously crafted to specifically address the unique challenges faced by small-scale projects in the energy landscape. What sets it apart is the innovative tiered pricing model, which considers both project capacity and functional requirements, ultimately providing an affordable, tailor-made solution to adhere to modern regulations.

Additionally, the Aderis Acuity platform boasts exceptional flexibility, offering a comprehensive solution for monitoring, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), PPC, and Energy Management System (EMS) functionality through straightforward software upgrades. This adaptability ensures renewable generators remain future-proofed for emerging market opportunities.

Aderis Acuity PPC represents a specialized set of real-time power plant control functions, seamlessly integrated as an extension of Aderis Energy’s already well-established monitoring and control offering, Aderis Acuity. The platform allows for user-configurable device monitoring, efficient alarm management, and a real-time web-based graphical environment, substantially lowering the technical barriers associated with legacy platforms.

Brad Micallef, President & COO of Aderis Energy, emphasized, “With our system, you don’t need custom engineering solutions. Configuration-based, Acuity is the perfect foundation for the Aderis Acuity PPC power plant controller, enabling turnkey and supportable solutions for projects of any scale.”

Furthermore, Aderis Energy’s commitment to fostering successful renewable energy deployment extends beyond software. The company provides invaluable support for utilities’ witness testing and reporting requirements, effectively eliminating obstacles for owners striving to achieve commercial operation.

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