AES Achieves Remarkable Growth with Completion of 3.5 GW Renewables Projects in 2023

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The AES Corporation announced the completion of 3.5 GW of renewable energy projects in the year 2023.

“In 2023, AES completed the construction of 3.5 GW of new renewables. This construction milestone represents a new record and a growth rate of nearly 100 percent over 2022. Including these newly added projects, AES’ portfolio of renewables now reaches 18.4 GW,” Andres Gluski, President and Chief Executive Officer of AES, said.

Among the completed projects, 1.6 GW are solar, 1.3 GW are wind, and 0.6 GW are dedicated to energy storage. The diversified portfolio underscores AES’s commitment to advancing clean and sustainable energy solutions.

Notable projects completed in 2023 include:

  1. Great Cove Solar (220 MW) – Pennsylvania:

Comprising two solar facilities in Franklin and Fulton Counties, this project is commissioned in multiple phases.

The largest solar project in the Commonwealth, the Great Cove Solar project will exclusively supply electricity to the University of Pennsylvania.

Generating enough energy to power 70 percent of the total electricity demand of Penn’s academic campuses and the University of Pennsylvania Health System, it aligns with the University’s goal of achieving a 100 percent carbon-neutral campus by 2042.

The project will also host a research study in partnership with Penn’s Environmental Innovations Initiative, offering industry insights on best practices for soil health management on operational solar projects.

  1. Chevelon Butte Wind (238 MW) – Arizona:

This wind project, part of a larger 454 MW facility, is situated in Coconino and Navajo counties.

Upon completion of Phase 2 this year, it will become the largest wind farm in the state.

Located on the historic Chevelon Butte Ranch, the project is designed to be compatible with existing livestock ranching and hunting land uses.

The facility supports the landowner family and the Arizona State Land Department in maintaining over a century-long tradition of raising livestock and stewarding the land.

  1. McFarland A Solar-plus-Storage (200 MW Solar, 100 MW Storage) – Arizona:

Located in Yuma County, this project represents one of the largest solar-plus-storage facilities in the state.

Pioneering the next generation of sustainable energy infrastructure, the project contributes to a more secure and reliable electric grid.

The construction phase has already generated hundreds of jobs in the region.

  1. Oak Ridge Solar (200 MW) – Louisiana:

Situated in Morehouse Parish, this solar facility is the largest operating solar project in the state.

Providing low-cost electricity, it contributes to reducing carbon emissions and generating economic benefits for the local community.

The Oak Ridge Solar project signifies a substantial economic investment in the region, supporting the growth of solar energy in Louisiana.

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