Altris and Polarium Forge Partnership to Pioneer Conflict-Free Sodium-Ion Energy Storage Solutions

Altris sodium-ion battery technology

Altris, a Swedish innovator in sodium-ion battery technology, announced a partnership with Polarium, a distinguished developer of energy storage solutions. The collaboration between these two industry leaders aims to pioneer and demonstrate an energy storage solution driven by sodium-ion batteries — completely devoid of conflict minerals and toxic elements.

In a recent unveiling, Altris showcased a sodium-ion battery cell boasting an exceptional energy density of 160 Wh/kg, marking a commercially viable breakthrough for sustainable energy storage applications. Altris’s sodium-ion chemistry, derived from abundant raw minerals, stands apart for its absence of toxic elements like nickel and cobalt. Additionally, this innovative chemistry promises superior performance, including extended lifespan, flexibility in working temperatures, and heightened safety measures.

By amalgamating Altris’s sodium-ion battery technology with Polarium’s extensive expertise in energy storage solutions, this collaboration aspires to redefine the landscape of energy storage. The primary focus revolves around tailoring a sodium-ion battery cell specifically designed to cater to the diverse requirements of residential, commercial, and industrial energy storage markets.

“Bridging the gap with safer, sustainable batteries, free from conflict minerals and toxic elements, is at the core of Altris’s mission. Partnering with Polarium opens doors to leverage our state-of-the-art sodium-ion technology in energy storage solutions,” said Bjorn Marlid, CEO of Altris.

“At Polarium, our commitment lies in embracing the smartest, safest, and most sustainable battery options for our cell-agnostic batteries,” said Stefan Jansson, founder, and CEO of Polarium.

While Polarium’s existing energy storage solutions hinge on lithium-ion technology, the company prides itself on its battery-cell-agnostic approach. This unique advantage allows Polarium to swiftly assimilate various battery cell chemistries. With successful development objectives, Polarium envisions introducing Altris’s sodium-ion technology into its product range, crafting a customized sodium-ion battery cell tailored precisely to meet customer demands.

The partnership between Altris and Polarium signifies a significant leap towards fostering conflict-free and sustainable energy storage solutions, promising innovative advancements and a greener future in the global energy landscape.