Anovion to supply graphite anode materials to ABF

American Brand Factory

American Battery Factory (ABF) announced an agreement with Anovion to supply graphite anode materials for ABF’s Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery cells.

Anovion will ensure sourcing of synthetic graphite anode materials, a critical battery component, for ABF.

Synthetic graphite is used in lithium-ion battery anodes. Anovion uses graphitization technology to ensure a product with high crystallinity and low impurities. Anovion’s engineered materials enable ABF’s cells to be longer-lasting, more reliable and safer.

Anovion is expanding on existing capacity in Niagara Falls as well as embarking on an expansion program of 150,000 tons in North America, initially with a large-scale production plant at 35,000 tons per annum capacity.

“Supplying synthetic graphite to ABF furthers our mission of growing a resilient, secure and sustainable North American lithium-ion battery supply chain, which directly impacts several strategic imperatives, including national security interests, robust economic growth and environmental stewardship,” said Eric Stopka, Chief Executive Officer of Anovion.