Arevon Energy and MCE Join Forces for Cormorant Energy Storage Project

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Arevon Energy has announced an agreement with MCE, an electricity provider, for 188 megawatts (MW) of the Cormorant Energy Storage Project, bolstering California’s energy infrastructure.

The Cormorant Energy Storage Project, slated to be a 250 megawatt/1,000 megawatt-hour (MWh) standalone battery energy storage system, will be erected in two phases in Daly City, California. The initial phase of 188 MW is earmarked to commence construction in Q1 2025, with operations expected to commence in Q2 2026.

Cormorant Energy Storage aims to store surplus energy during off-peak hours and discharge it during periods of peak demand, enhancing grid stability and reliability. The project is poised to provide electricity for over 55,000 homes daily, facilitating the integration of additional renewable energy resources into the region’s power grid.

Cormorant Energy Storage is anticipated to create employment opportunities, supporting approximately 75 union construction jobs. Moreover, it is estimated to generate over $27 million in property tax payments throughout its lifespan, contributing to local government initiatives and the upkeep of the local school district.

Kevin Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Arevon, hailed the agreement as a testament to the collaborative spirit shared with MCE, emphasizing their joint commitment to delivering clean and reliable energy to communities.

This agreement marks the first commercial contract between Arevon and MCE. MCE, a community choice energy provider serving 1.5 million residents and businesses across Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, and Solano counties, underscores the importance of battery storage in accelerating the transition towards clean energy.

Dawn Weisz, Chief Executive Officer at MCE, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the critical role of battery storage in facilitating the clean energy transition. News Desk

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