Atlas Renewable Energy Secures Major Deal with Codelco for Renewable Energy Supply

By Editor


Atlas Renewable Energy, a leader in renewable energy solutions, has finalized a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Codelco, Chile’s state-owned mining giant and the world’s largest producer of copper.

The agreement entails the supply of 375 GWh of round-the-clock energy annually, sourced from a groundbreaking renewable energy project in Chile. This project will feature an innovative integrated battery energy storage system.

The PPA, incorporating state-of-the-art battery technology, follows a rigorous public tender process conducted by Codelco, which culminated in Atlas Renewable Energy being awarded the contract. Commencing operations in 2026, the agreement spans 15 years and underscores Atlas Renewable Energy’s commitment to delivering clean and reliable energy solutions.

Atlas Renewable Energy’s initiative signals a significant step towards bolstering stability and dependability in Chile’s electricity supply. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and leveraging expertise in solar energy, the project sets a new benchmark for energy supply contracts in Chile and the broader region. This endeavor aligns with Atlas Renewable Energy’s ongoing mission to provide competitive clean energy solutions to major consumers in the region.

Carlos Barrera, CEO of Atlas Renewable Energy, expressed enthusiasm regarding the partnership with Codelco, emphasizing the company’s dedication to developing innovative energy solutions tailored to meet customer demands.

Carlos Barrera highlighted the strategic importance of integrating battery storage technology into their portfolio, aiming to expand the footprint of renewable energy sources within the power system while offering customers a comprehensive suite of energy solutions.

The agreement underscores Codelco’s confidence in Atlas Renewable Energy, leveraging the latter’s proven track record in delivering clean energy solutions to the mining sector. Notable projects include the Javiera Solar Plant, supplying 161 GWh annually to a significant Chilean mine since 2015, and the Lar do Sol Solar Plant, which commenced operations in 2023, delivering 540 GWh annually to Anglo American in Brazil.

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