Available Power and Linxon sign for Greenport BESS project

By Editor


Available Power and Linxon have signed an agreement for the Greenport Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) project in Austin, Texas.

This 100 MW/200 MWh project strengthens the partnership between the two companies, who have already collaborated on 1 GW of distributed energy storage projects in the ERCOT market.

The scope of the project includes designing, constructing, installing, and testing all equipment required for the BESS installation, such as a step-up power transformer, AIS equipment, battery enclosures, inverter skid, inverter control system/EMS, and station auxiliary supply system.

The Greenport project is expected to be completed by Q1 2025, and Available Power and Linxon are eager to continue their journey in accelerating the energy transition and fostering sustainability in the Texas ERCOT market.

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