BLUETTI Launches Solar+ Program in Germany Offering Cash Subsidy

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BLUETTI, an innovator in renewable energy storage solutions, has introduced the Solar+ program in Germany, offering up to 400,000 euros in cash subsidies.

This initiative aims to incentivize households to embrace sustainable living by installing home solar generation systems coupled with battery energy storage and EV chargers. The program seeks to enhance accessibility and affordability, enabling individuals to cut energy costs and reduce their environmental footprint.

Under the Solar+ program, households stand to benefit from subsidies that are contingent on the size of the solar array and the capacity of the battery storage installed. Customers can avail the subsidy upon ordering, in addition to enjoying further savings alongside the KFW442 subsidy. To ensure fair distribution, the program is initially limited to 100 spots, with applications open until June 30.

BLUETTI’s home energy storage solution encompasses equipment, design, application, installation, and financial planning. This approach ensures efficiency, affordability, and convenience, with customers interacting with a single brand for their entire home power system needs.

The power system comprises rooftop solar panels, scalable energy storage options, and EV chargers, providing users with a straightforward method of generating, storing, and utilizing solar energy.

Homeowners can tailor their energy storage capacity from 4.9 kWh to 39.6 kWh, enabling them to store surplus solar energy for cost-effective EV charging or consumption during peak hours. Moreover, the EV chargers are compatible with 95 percent of EV models, including Tesla. News Desk

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