Cadiz Partners with El Paso Natural Gas to Fuel Sustainable Agriculture and Water Supply

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Cadiz, a leading agricultural and water conservation company, has taken a significant step toward enhancing sustainability and reducing carbon emissions by entering into a long-term contract with El Paso Natural Gas Company (EPNG). The agreement entails the installation of a natural gas pipeline tap on Cadiz Ranch property, located in the California eastern Mojave Desert.

This strategic partnership enables Cadiz to replace diesel engines with natural gas engines, a move that will power the company’s groundwater wellfield, pump stations, and associated facilities. This transition is in support of Cadiz’s extensive agriculture operations and the Cadiz Water Conservation, Supply, and Storage Project (Cadiz Project).

The implementation of high-efficiency gas engines will not only bolster operational efficiency but also facilitate the integration of solar-hybrid microgrids. These microgrids are expected to substantially reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions, and provide an unparalleled 100 percent uptime reliability for the Company’s crucial water supply and storage operations.

The gas tap installation is anticipated to deliver a new source of gas power to Cadiz by the fourth quarter of 2024, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s sustainable energy journey.

Earlier this year, Cadiz unveiled its collaboration with Scale Microgrids (Scale) to develop clean energy microgrids for the Cadiz Project. Cadiz currently operates one of the largest farming operations in San Bernardino County, managing an expansive groundwater basin that spans thousands of acres. Traditionally, these off-grid groundwater wellfields have relied on diesel generators for power.

The solar-hybrid microgrids designed by Scale for Cadiz will incorporate ground-mounted Solar PV, battery storage, and advanced, high-efficiency distributed generation. This cutting-edge approach is projected to result in more than a 30 percent reduction in energy costs, offer unparalleled uptime reliability, and reduce carbon emissions by over 75 percent.

By embracing these sustainable energy solutions, Cadiz aims to set a new standard for environmentally conscious agriculture and water supply operations while demonstrating the positive impact of transitioning to cleaner energy sources.

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