Canadian Solar Unveils SolBank 3.0, Offering More Capacity for Energy Storage

Canadian Solar's e-STORAGE Upgrades SolBank 3.0

Canadian Solar subsidiary CSI Solar has introduced SolBank 3.0, the latest iteration of its utility-scale energy storage system.

SolBank 3.0 boasts impressive specifications, featuring a power capacity of up to 2.35 MW and a 5 MWh storage capacity. This system integrates high energy density cells, advanced safety mechanisms, smart liquid cooling, and active balance system controls.

SolBank 3.0, housed in a 20-ft container, exhibits a remarkable up to 45 percent increase in product-level capacity and a commendable up to 40 percent reduction in commissioning time compared to its predecessor.

The system incorporates multiple layers of protection, including a pack and electrical redundancy protection system, smart abnormal performance detection, and multi-level fire alarm and suppression measures, ensuring robust product safety. Furthermore, its optimized thermal management system contributes to a substantial reduction — up to 30 percent — in auxiliary power consumption compared to the previous model.

SolBank 3.0’s modular design also offers compatibility with various power conversion systems (PCS). The major global companies of Energy Storage Power Conversion System (PCS) include ABB, Nidec Corporation, Johnson Controls, Parker Hannifin, Delta Electronics, Sungrow Power Supply, KELONG, CLOU and SINENG, etc.

Colin Parkin, President of e-STORAGE, emphasized the groundbreaking nature of SolBank 3.0, noting its elevated operational efficiency and reliability. He highlighted new features such as advanced safety designs and higher energy density cells, affirming the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier energy storage solutions.

e-STORAGE, part of the Canadian Solar group, currently maintains a substantial backlog of $2.6 billion, including long-term services agreements as of November 14, 2023. With a track record of implementing over 3.3 GWh DC of battery energy storage solutions across diverse global locations like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and China, e-STORAGE operates two manufacturing facilities with an annual production capacity of 10 GWh.

Parkin expressed pride in the e-STORAGE team’s dedication to innovation, ensuring the delivery of cutting-edge energy storage solutions to their customers. The SolBank 3.0 launch underscores Canadian Solar’s commitment to advancing the realm of utility-scale energy storage systems while focusing on efficiency, reliability, and enhanced performance.