Canadian Solar Unveils SolBank 3.0 Utility-Scale Energy Storage System


Canadian Solar revealed that its subsidiary, CSI Solar, through its division e-STORAGE, is set to launch SolBank 3.0. This marks the latest advancement in the utility-scale energy storage system developed by e-STORAGE, a significant player in the renewable energy sector.

SolBank 3.0 boasts impressive specifications with a power capacity of up to 2.35 MW and a storage capacity of 5 MWh. The system integrates features, including high energy density cells, an advanced safety system, smart liquid cooling, and an active balance system control.

Housed within a compact 20-ft container, SolBank 3.0 demonstrates up to 45 percent increase in product-level capacity and a noteworthy 40 percent decrease in commissioning time compared to its predecessor.

One of the key highlights of SolBank 3.0 is its comprehensive safety features, including a pack and electrical redundancy protection system, smart abnormal performance detection, and a multi-level fire alarm with suppression protection. These elements collectively ensure the highest standards of product safety. Furthermore, an optimized thermal management system contributes to a reduction in auxiliary power consumption by up to 30 percent compared to the previous generation.

SolBank 3.0’s versatility is underlined by its flexible and modular design, making it compatible with various power conversion systems (PCS). This adaptability enhances its applicability across diverse energy storage configurations.

Colin Parkin, President of e-STORAGE, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “SolBank 3.0 sets a new standard in energy storage solutions, providing enhanced operational efficiency and reliability. The system incorporates exceptional elements such as higher energy density cells and advanced safety design.”