Canadian Solar’s e-STORAGE Awarded Contract for UK’s Largest Battery Storage Project

By Editor


Canadian Solar subsidiary CSI Solar said e-STORAGE has secured a contract from Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners Flagship Funds. The contract involves the supply and integration of energy storage solutions for the Coalburn 1 Project in Scotland, UK, marking a groundbreaking milestone in the country’s renewable energy landscape.

The Coalburn 1 project is slated to be the UK’s largest battery storage initiative, boasting a capacity of 500 MW / 1,170 MWh DC of energy storage. Scheduled for installation by the first quarter of 2025, this venture will leverage e-STORAGE’s advanced battery technology to store generated renewable energy. The stored energy will be strategically released during peak power consumption periods, thereby aiding in supporting and stabilizing the National Grid transmission network.

Situated in a former coal community in Scotland, this project holds immense significance in the ongoing fight against climate change. It is anticipated to play a vital role in reducing carbon emissions, enhancing air quality, and contributing substantially to global sustainability efforts. Over the next 14 years, the Coalburn 1 energy storage facility is projected to prevent approximately 1.6 million metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Colin Parkin, President of e-STORAGE, expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners Flagship Funds for this landmark project. He highlighted the pivotal role of e-STORAGE in delivering nearly 2 GWh DC of energy storage to the UK market alone, supporting the country’s pursuit of efficient renewable energy delivery and resilience against future climate challenges. Importantly, this initiative aims to alleviate energy costs for consumers while bolstering renewable energy integration.

The project will feature e-STORAGE’s SolBank battery energy storage systems, known for their proprietary design tailored for utility-scale applications. These systems utilize lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) chemistry, prioritizing safety and efficiency. Equipped with efficient liquid cooling systems, multi-level fire safety management systems, and cutting-edge monitoring and control systems, SolBank ensures optimized performance and safety during operation. The active cell balancing system further enhances safety and system efficiency, affirming e-STORAGE’s commitment to delivering high-quality, sustainable energy solutions.

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