Canadian Solar’s e-STORAGE Selected for Major Battery Storage Project in South Australia

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Canadian Solar subsidiary CSI Solar said its e-STORAGE business has secured a deal from Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners’ (CIP) Summerfield battery storage project in South Australia. The project marks a major step in fortifying Australia’s renewable energy infrastructure.

e-STORAGE emerged as the preferred supplier for the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services for CIP’s Summerfield battery storage project. With a capacity of 240 MW (480 MWh) DC, expandable based on market needs, this innovative endeavor is set to leverage e-STORAGE’s SolBank battery technology.

Scheduled for installation in 2025, the Summerfield battery project aims to bolster the Murraylands region’s energy landscape, strategically located east of Adelaide. The project aligns seamlessly with Australia’s energy operator’s blueprint, facilitating a robust network development and seamless integration of renewable energy sources.

The SolBank battery, a proprietary technology by e-STORAGE, is poised to be the linchpin of this project. Engineered to ensure grid stability, it acts as a reservoir, capturing surplus energy during low-demand periods and redistributing power during peak consumption phases. This capability promises a consistent and cost-effective electricity supply to South Australia, Victoria, and the wider national energy grid.

Jorn Hammer, Partner and Head of CIP Australia, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Canadian Solar, highlighting how the Summerfield Battery would enhance energy reliability while unlocking new renewable capacity.

Colin Parkin, President of e-STORAGE, emphasized the honor of partnering with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners Flagship Fund, underscoring their shared vision of promoting sustainable energy solutions.

e-STORAGE will supply its SolBank battery energy storage systems and oversee their integration, commissioning, and long-term operational services for the project. The SolBank technology, specifically designed for utility-scale applications, relies on lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) chemistry, prioritizing safety and efficiency. Incorporating LFP cells, advanced cooling systems, robust fire safety management, and cutting-edge monitoring, the system ensures safe, optimized, and efficient operation throughout its lifecycle.

The collaboration between Canadian Solar’s e-STORAGE and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners signifies a momentous leap towards fostering a sustainable future powered by innovative battery storage solutions.

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