CIP-led Green Energy Consortium Launches Aland Energy Island Project

By Editor


Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), in collaboration with Lhyfe and Flexens, has officially unveiled the groundbreaking Aland Energy Island project.

This initiative aims to integrate large-scale offshore wind generation with hydrogen production on the Aland Islands.

The ultimate goal is to develop a robust, large-scale hydrogen production system on Aland, harnessing gigawatt-scale offshore wind resources in Aland waters. The resulting clean energy will serve both Aland and the broader European region, supporting the islands’ and the EU’s energy security and decarbonization objectives.

The innovative synergy between offshore wind and green hydrogen production presents Aland with a remarkable opportunity to tap into its untapped wind energy resources. This bold move positions Aland as a pivotal player in the green transition, not only for its own region but also for Europe at large. The specific configuration of the Aland Energy Island project will be meticulously crafted in close cooperation with the local government and other stakeholders to maximize its benefits for Aland.

The consortium spearheading this transformative project brings a compelling blend of skills and expertise, ensuring the successful development of offshore wind resources while delivering substantial advantages to Aland society.

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP): As the world’s largest dedicated fund manager specializing in greenfield renewable energy investments, CIP is renowned globally for its leadership in offshore wind, green hydrogen, and energy island projects.

Lhyfe: Lhyfe is a recognized expert in developing, designing, and operating onshore and offshore hydrogen facilities across Europe. With one operational plant in France and seven plants currently under construction in Sweden, France, and Germany, Lhyfe is operating the world’s first offshore hydrogen production facility powered by a floating wind turbine.

Flexens: A local powerhouse from Aland, Flexens specializes in regional hydrogen project development, offering invaluable insights into hydrogen and infrastructure on the islands. This local integration ensures the Aland Energy Island project aligns with Aland’s unique needs and aspirations.

Thanks to Flexens’ involvement, the consortium is well-equipped to develop a project that addresses Aland’s specific requirements. In line with the Government’s ambitions and the Sunnanvind project, this consortium will generate substantial value for Aland by fostering local engagement and employment in the project and related activities. Furthermore, the Aland Energy Island project will contribute significantly to Aland’s ambition to transition to a society powered entirely by green energy while also safeguarding the islands’ onshore and marine environment.

The Aland Energy Island project marks a pivotal step towards a sustainable, green future for the Aland Islands and Europe as a whole. It showcases the power of collaboration, innovation, and renewable energy to create a cleaner, more secure energy landscape.

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